White Gold Engagement Ring Lost and Found in West Beach, Adelaide

A heartbroken Tania phoned me at 3:30 on Australia day after losing her white gold engagement ring at West Beach. The poor thing was distraught and very concerned that the ring was lost forever.

We caught up at the car park at around 4:15 and walked down to the frantically scratched up sand where 2 hours of unsuccessful physical searching had failed to find the ring.

Tania pointed out the rough search area and a few other places it could have landed, and I went to work with the Minelab Sovereign GT. Only a bottle top on the first search grid line, then a great sounding signal on the return grid line. A quick pinpoint with the trusty Garrett Pro-pointer later and I just used my fingers to dig into the soft sand and pull out the really nice engagement ring 🙂

So by 4:30 Tania had the ring back on her finger and the biggest smile I have ever seen. A great result, and less than an hour from phone call to find.

Her quote “Best $75 I have ever spent”

Tania with her engagement ring
Returned ring and huge smile