Metal Detector Hire

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While an experienced metal detector operator will have more chance of success, there are times when you might prefer to use the metal detector yourself. We have some metal detectors for hire in Adelaide with pick up in Rostrevor (East suburb of Adelaide), South Australia.

Standard Hire Cost: AU$50.00/ day (Will need ID)
Hire Detectors come with instruction, headphones and fresh batteries.
Pickup from Rostrevor, South Australia
Other speciality metal detectors may be available for gold, wet sand (beach) and underwater tasks for a little extra. Stock varies on these, so please call.
Some accessories are available such as different coils, pin pointers  and digging tools.
Metal Detectors for Hire
Detector Coil Accessories Suitable For Price
Minelab X-Terra 705
8.5" Bag General Use/ Prospecting $50/day
Photo ID is required
A very happy client with his quickly found ring 🙂
Wedding ring found with a hire metal detector 🙂


Metal detectors are available for hire today.

Please note that using a detector yourself may be difficult in some circumstances:

1. Non target metal in the ground

2. Weather

3. Mineralised or salty soil/ conditions.

4. Electrical interference.

5. Searching near fencing or sheds

The detectors I hire out are easy to use, but detecting in general can be quite difficult so also consider calling out a detector operator which is only $100 for up to 1 hour searching INSTEAD of the $50/ day hire charge. Also note that there is no requirement for a deposit when the detector is used by an Adelaide Lost Ring Search operator.