Current Pricing for Land and Shallow (less than 50cm) Water Jewellery Rescue

Map showing 30km and 50km radius from Adelaide CBD
Map showing 30km and 50km radius from Adelaide CBD
  • $100 for Metro Adelaide searches. This covers the call out plus up to 1 hour of searching in an area up to 30km radius from the Adelaide CBD.
  • $120 for searches carried out further than 30km radius from the Adelaide CBD up to 50km radius.
  • Please call for pricing for other locations.
  • If the item is not found within 1hr, then further searching is available for $50 per half hour.
  • Discount is available for pensioners.
  • The price is the same for successful and unsuccessful searches.

Visual and physical searches are the same prices as metal detecting. These involve visually searching every room in the house for lost items. Metal detectors are used when possible, but most of the search is just methodical visual inspection.

Underwater/ Diving search prices are variable and negotiable. SCUBA diving may require hire gear expenses.

Detecting car signage

While I will do my best to find your item as quickly as possible, there are times when i will not find it all all or it may take several sessions over several days. My sincere goal is to re-unite you and your lost item.

Please don’t put off contacting me if you have financial hardship or are a pensioner, etc. We can talk about finances after the initial issue of finding your lost item is sorted out. Re-uniting you and your lost item is the important bit 🙂

Credit card payment is available.

Please phone 0433164587 or email if you have any questions.