Lost and found wedding ring in Magill

John from Magill phoned up this morning to see if I could help find his wife’s lost wedding ring. Katherine had lost the ring while gardening in the backyard yesterday and looked online for a hire detector.

The search area was about 10m^2 of lawn, a couple of paths, the green bin and 2 garden beds.

I searched 1/2 of the first garden bed first, then gridded the lawn to take that out of the equation. Next was the other half of the first garden bed (near a steel fence) and that is where I found it. Just tucked under some loose lawn clippings.

Returned wedding ring
Katherine’s returned wedding ring

Both John and Katherine were extremely happy to have the ring back and have contacted the insurance company to cancel their claim 🙂




Katherine with her lost and found wedding ring
Very happy to have her ring back 🙂