Sentimental ruby and diamond gold ring lost and found at Glenelg South Australia

Gemma lost a very sentimental ring in the water at Glenelg on Tuesday. We met up yesterday and I searched for an hour without luck with some difficulties. 1. there were people sun baking in the search area so I had to leave big slabs of beach alone. 2. The water was too rough to search.

I really dislike failed searches so I headed back there today around low tide and managed to search in the water a bit and worked my way out of the water back up the beach. After many passes up and down the beach in the large search area I finally heard that sweet gold sound in a compact round target not too deep and quickly recovered it. Gear was Minelab Sovereign GT with Coiltek Manufacturing WOT coil and the heaviest insulated headphones I could find in the storm like winds.

Here is a pic of the ring complete with sand back where it belongs on Gemma’s finger. A ripper of a ring with family history and a great result.

Gemma's ring