Necklace at Henley Beach

For a sunny day today was very quiet then the phone rang with a dropped necklace just north of Henley Jetty. I let dinner go cold and headed down there ASAP. They were quite surprised to see me 30 minutes or so after the call and explained what happened.

He lost it while flicking the towel at the end of the beach session. Fortunately he took a photo of the rocks up on the break water so we had a reasonable idea where he was. The search area ended up being only 20m by about 30m.

lent I started at the wet sand knowing that he wouldn’t have laid in the damp and gridded my way up towards the rocks. I picked up 3 dodgy signals (too deep) and after about 15 minutes detected a nice low (expected) tone on the Sovereign GT.

I had my little wand like Pro Pointer on me, so turned it on and prodded the ground to get a nice strong reaction. Obviously there was something only a couple of inches under the surface of the sand

I just reached over, raked the sand with my fingers and pulled the really nice necklace out of the sand, held it up to show him and was greeted with a massive, relieved smile 🙂

I was even offered a hug

I LOVE this job:)