Engagement Ring Recovered in the Surf

Jessie phoned up last night wondering if I could search for a lost engagement ring in waist deep water at Brighton. We arranged to meet down there today at low tide and after a quick chat I pegged out an area about the size of a tennis court and started detecting.

Detector of choice today was a water proof Tesoro Sand Shark and I finally had the ring in my hand just after an hour.

Here is a pic of this amazing ring back where it belongs on Jessie’s finger.

Engagement Ring


Jessie very kindly sent in a testimonial. Thanks Jessie:

“A HUGE thank you to Shaun for finding my precious engagement ring on Saturday. My husband and I had been throwing a ball to each other in waist deep water at Brighton Beach, when the ball hit my finger and made my wedding band and engagement ring fly into the ocean. As you can imagine, I was totally devastated. My husband managed to find my wedding band, but after running home to grab a mask and snorkel and desperately searching for my engagement ring, we had no luck. I walked home in tears. Later that evening, I typed into Google, ‘lost rings Adelaide’. To my amazement, Shaun’s website appeared with testimonials from many happy customers. I sent him a text and the following day he was kind enough to drop all of his plans and meet me at the beach at low tide. He was professional, kind, patient and thorough. I watched him as he methodically flagged out an area the size of a tennis court and then continued to search the area with his metal detector. I wasn’t hopeful, so you can imagine my absolute amazement and delight when after 30 minutes he yelled, “Jessie, come here”. I ran over and low and behold I heard, “Does this look something like your ring?” And there it was! I was over the moon and if Shaun hadn’t have been in the water, I would have thrown my arms around him and given him the hugest hug ever. Thank you so much Shaun. I’ve told so many people about this story and they just can’t believe it! Your honesty and kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You deserve to be truly blessed.”