Searching a child day care centre playground for sharps

An Adelaide day care centre phoned to see if I could check their play areas for sharps and metal junk after some contractors worked on improvements. Over 2 days I spent about 4 1/2 hours working my way through the bark chips and found quite the collection or interesting bits and pieces.

detecting for sharps
Result from 4 1/2 hours making a play area safer






nails and razor blade
Razor blade and nails found in a day care playground






flashing, nails and sharps
more sharps from the playground bark chips






razor blade, nails and junk
Closer view of some sharps including a razor blade







Nails and tec screws seem to be a favourite for tradies to drop in the bark chips but my personal favourite find must be the razor blade. I am really grateful that I was given the opportunity to run this search and it feels wonderful knowing the kids are going to have a safer time.

Something different from the usual ring search and worth doing …

Some recent finds

Here are a few finds from detecting this week. It is always nice to pick up a few pre-decimal coins. First a trip to a river bank.

Mixed bag of modern, pre-dec and some relics including some flintlock minnies

Next, a new spot I found. First target was a florin 🙂

love those silver coins

A closer look at the silvers.

Florin, Shilling and sixpence

A bit more silver

more silver and lots of brown buggers

Adelaide is a wonderful place to live. The detecting options are endless with coin, relic and gold locations everywhere 🙂