Adelaide Lost Ring Search Marketing

There are plenty of people out there losing things like keys, jewellery and other metallic items every day. However they just don’t know this service exists so it is time to concentrate on some marketing. Here are a few ideas that I am trying to get the word out there on the cheap 🙂

Facebook: I have set up a facebook page at -it is tiny ATM with 18 likers, but hopefully I can get things building quickly.

Twitter: I post to #Adelaide daily with a simple message explaining what I do and also if there is anything happening that day. ABC891 picked up on these posts and we had a for radio interview, but it is not reaching many people yet.

Email: I have added a link to to my email sig so hopefully some people will ask what it is about.

This website: This site is actually doing fairly well, growing each week and is constantly ranked highly in the popular search engines. in particular it is ranked number 1 for most connotations of Adelaide, Lost, Ring, Jewellery, Metal Detecting, etc. It is also doing well for Metal Detector Hire which is great.

Fliers: I have started putting together some community notice board type fliers to see if I can get some extra business. This is the current one: lrs_ad

Word of mouth: While most business is coming in from this website, there are a few that are starting to find me via their friends. Hopefully this will grow as I get out to more jobs.

Potential (Future): I am thinking about arranging some paid, focused advertising such as facebook ads or google, etc. Not sure about this yet, but if things don’t improve soon I will have to try something. I keep hearing about people who would have used this service if they knew about it so there is potential.

They weather in Adelaide is cold and wet ATM so there are not lots of people heading out to the beach and losing things so things will pick up as it gets warmer. Would be nice if things were busy though 🙂

Hire Metal Detector Finds Lost Ring

A nice couple visited today to hire a detector after dropping a ring. They swapped the lovely Tesoro Silver Umax for $40 in hire charge and a deposit and went to work.

They could of kept the detector for a day, but returned only a couple of hours later with the great news that they had found the ring. It only ended up taking around 10 minutes for a successful result and life is good again 🙂

Excellent 🙂

Metal detector hire turns into a safer lawn

This morning a lady phoned looking for a hire metal detector to do a search at her house in the Adelaide Hills. I had two detectors available for hire but offered to drive up and help with the search rather than have her drive down twice to pickup and a return the detector.

The search ended up being for two darts that some energetic children had thrown into the lawn 🙂 Having a multitude of children myself, I can picture the events unfolding 🙂

After about 3 minutes searching the nice, neat and pretty search area we had both darts in hand and a safe, stress free play area for the kids- cool 🙂

Two darts found metal detecting
The darts were between 2 to 3 inches deep in the thick grass


Ring Rescue in Largs Bay Adelaide

I am very happy to report that the lovely Amy and her very nice family now have there gold wedding band back 🙂

Amy posted a lost notice that her husband had lost his ring in Largs Bay (North West Adelaide, South Australia). The search sounded possible and the location not too far away, so I called Amy and asked if we could meet down there. We caught up and worked out the search area (about 40m x 20m in total)  and I went to work.

An hour and a half later, I walked over to Amy with the ring in my sand scoop. One very relieved, happy and surprised reunion 🙂

As I had contacted Amy myself, I didn’t ask for the usual $50 call out fee. The kids were cute though, asking how they could pay me for helping mum 🙂

Amy was nice enough cover my petrol costs and I had that fantastic buzz you get for doing a good deed for someone. Still do infact this is a great way to help people 🙂

Found Wedding Ring
Friendly family with Dad's found ring
Amy's rescued wedding ring


Successful Jewellery Rescue

Found a spectacular white gold wedding for a nice guy who lost it at a local beach on the weekend. Fortunately Matthew was on the ball and really narrowed down the search area to about 30m x 30m.

He looked for marks, even had a gps handy and took down as much detail as he could.

A fantastic result and I can just imagine the elated phone call back home 🙂

Found ring :)
A really nice ring back where it belongs 🙂


Found lost ring at beach with hire metal detector

I received a SMS yesterday morning from a concerned gentleman who had lost his wedding ring in some dry sand at the beach. He hired a Garrett Ace 250 metal detector off of Adelaide Lost Ring Search for just $40 and returned to the beach to try his luck.

Not long later I received the great news that he found the ring – Awesome 🙂

Wedding ring found with a hire metal detector 🙂

Man finds gold ring, returns to owner | | Virginia Beach

The huge gold class ring found last week was returned to the owner. Jewellery rescue is all about smiles 🙂

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Metal detecting is a giant game of lost and found for Henry “Tuffy” Braithwaite. Braithwaite spends hours scouring the sands of Virginia Beach almost every day.

But when Braithwaite struck gold last week, he picked up the phone and did the right thing.

via Man finds gold ring, returns to owner | | Virginia Beach.

Iron Age gold coins discovered in Kimbolton

Finding a hoard of 2000yr old gold coins would be amazing.

A HOARD of gold coins more than 2,000-years-old has been discovered in Kimbolton.

The 67 Iron Age coins were discovered by a metal detector in October last year but details of the find, described as significant by a curator at the British Museum, were only made public last week. The coins were subject to an inquest at Lawrence Court in Huntingdon on Thursday (September 29), where it was down to the deputy coroner of Cambridgeshire, Belinda Cheney, to determine if the hoard should be officially classified as treasure.

via Iron Age gold coins discovered in Kimbolton – Latest News – Hunts Post.

TreasureWorks – Man finds gold ring, returns to owner

Always great to see a happy ending. Here is a story from the states with a returned ring. 🙂

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Metal detecting is a giant game of lost and found for Henry “Tuffy” Braithwaite. Braithwaite spends hours scouring the sands of Virginia Beach almost every day.

But when Braithwaite struck gold last week, he picked up the phone and did the right thing.

via TreasureWorks – Man finds gold ring, returns to owner.