Some recent finds

Here are a few finds from detecting this week. It is always nice to pick up a few pre-decimal coins. First a trip to a river bank.

Mixed bag of modern, pre-dec and some relics including some flintlock minnies

Next, a new spot I found. First target was a florin 🙂

love those silver coins

A closer look at the silvers.

Florin, Shilling and sixpence

A bit more silver

more silver and lots of brown buggers

Adelaide is a wonderful place to live. The detecting options are endless with coin, relic and gold locations everywhere 🙂


Adelaide Lost Ring Search

It can be heart breaking to lose a loved piece of jewellery. Necklaces and bracelets break easily, and rings fall off when wet from sweat or swimming.

No matter what you have lost, if it contains metal and the location is accessible then chances are that it can be found.

Adelaide Lost Ring Search provides a ring and jewellery recovery or rescue service to help find lost metallic items. My goal with this service is simply to re-unite the owner with the lost item.

If you have lost an item of jewellery or have some other task for a metal detector operator then please click on the contact link or phone me (Shaun Branden) on 0433164587.

Modern metal detectors are wonderful tools and when combined with experience are used by Adelaide Lost Ring Search for the following uses:

  • Lost ring and jewellery finding service
  • Pipe and Cable searches
  • Estate and Historical searches
  • Forensic and Evidence searches
  • Archaeological searches
  • Diving Metal Detecting
  • Lost tools and misplaced metallic item searches

We have modern 4 wheel drive vehicles, mountain biking and hiking equipment to access most locations.